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Womens health issue – it’s a legitimate concern to want to know more about womens health issues and the latest findings affecting health

With the Women’s Health Initiative results and conclusions in 2002 and continuing today, more and more women are questioning what happens with synthetic prescription drugs and their health.

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Stay young and sexyStay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement by Dr. Jonathan Wright and Lane Lenard.

Dr. Wright has been treating patients and writing about bio-identical hormone therapy for decades.

We editors have personally reviewed this outstanding book and can highly recommend it.

This physician writes about the latest science, the findings on therapy safety along with examples of the successes achieved by many using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

The 30-Day Natural Hormone Plan – Looking & Feeling Young Again Without Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy by Dr. Erika Schwartz.

Doctor Schwartz is a practicing physician who is a specialist in the correct use of bio-identical hormones.

Natural Hormone PlanShe gives a one-month program – relying on natural hormones to address the common symptoms of menopause like lower libido, bone loss, poorer sleep quality and depression that so many women experience.

Dr. Schwartz defines the synthetic hormone replacement therapy women’s health issues and how their use can interfere with the normal body functions.

Instead of attempting to use synthetic prescription drugs, Dr. Schwartz suggests that you find a doctor that has been schooled in bio-identical replacement therapy so that you can create your own individual treatment program.

And besides dealing with ones hormone levels, she has specific recommendations for both diet and exercise considerations. What is so great about her program is that it has been designed to be introduced on a gradual basis into your lifestyle.

An example is that changes to ones diet should be done over a several weeks time frame, not all at once. And reducing the consumption of processed foods, sugary foods, caffeine and alcohol are slowly dealt with so that the transition to a healthier diet is not so severe.

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Women’s Health Initiative Findings Plus Risks

The Women’s Health Initiative findings were the results of the Women’s Health Initiative hormone replacement therapy HRT study.

Stay young and sexy

The Womens Health Initiative HRT study consisted of TWO studies:

• 1 – A synthetic conjugated equine estrogen alone study for women who already had a hysterectomy before joining.

• 2 – A synthetic estrogen-plus-progestin (PREMPRO) study for women who had not had a hysterectomy before joining.

Study participants answered questions about their general health, body pain, energy, social functioning, depression, sleep, sexual satisfaction and menopause symptoms after treatment with synthetic hormone replacement therapy.

This Women’s Health Initiative HRT study was to run for 8 years, however, it was stopped in 2002 after only 5 years. Why was it stopped so soon?

premenopause bookThe women involved in this study were showing there are more risks to the HRT than the actual benefits – after a short 5 years!

Findings in 2002 were updated in 2004 after further studies. The RISKS of taking the synthetic hormone replacement therapy could be more than the benefits.

This study discovered that women taking HRT containing conjugated equine estrogen alone had:

• 1- Nearly 40% increase in the occurrence of strokes.
• 2- Possible increase in occurrence of leg blood clots.
• 3- On the benefit side, there was some reduction in the occurrence of hip fracture which is being studied further.

The conclusions were that conjugated equine estrogen should NOT be used by women for chronic disease prevention and particularly heart disease.

As for the Womens Health Initiative findings for the estrogen plus progestin study, women were found to have more heart attacks, strokes, blood clots and breast cancers as compared to women who were taking a placebo. On the benefit side, these women did have fewer colorectal cancers and hip fractures.

Natural progesterone cream

Again, the Women’s Health Initiative came to the conclusion that the conjugated equine estrogen plus progestin combination hormone replacement therapy should NOT be used in the prevention of heart disease.

Dr. Marcia Stefanick from Stanford University was quoted in a newspaper as stating, “It looks like the longer you use synthetic hormone HRT, the worse off you are.”

Synthetic hormones differ from the natural hormones that occur in the human body in that the synthetic versions are created in the laboratory, manufactured and then patented.

It can be difficult for the female body to process the synthetic hormones correctly because the medicine is not the same hormone as naturally occurs in humans. And the result is side effects, which can be worse than the symptoms they were supposed to treat.

Based on the Women’s Health Initiative findings, why expose yourself to the health risks which are associated with the synthetic forms of hormone replacement therapy?

Consider using the bio-identical hormones to bring your hormones in balance, hormones that ARE IDENTICAL to what your body makes.

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Alaska Wild Salmon Is Omega 3 Packed…

When looking online for Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon or farm grown salmon compared to wild salmon information, that’s great because you likely understand that there are major health differences in these two forms of seafood!

Healthy nutrition depends on knowing the differences, otherwise healthy nutrition is impossible. The Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon is harvested in the waters of the North Pacific. Any wild fish has more health benefits versus the farmed kind.

omega 3 bookIn the ocean, the Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon eat an all-natural marine diet rich in krill, shrimp and other natural fish foods.

It is these foods that give this fish its beautiful color, which ranges from pink to orange to red across differing species.

Contrary to the Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon from cold ocean waters, the majority of this kind of fish available in the USA today is the farmed version which is the one usually found in grocery stores, fish markets and restaurants.

These farmed fish are often artificially colored with added synthetic pigments to mask their unappetizing pale gray color. Understanding the differences in farm grown salmon compared to wild salmon means you will probably opt for the natural wild version.

Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon is natural in its flavor, color and Omega-3 content while the same cannot be said of farm-raised. When your friends start to comment on the flavors of fine wines, you can come back with comments on the various flavors of wild salmon. Your friends will be breathless!

By contrast, farmed salmon are fed a diet that often includes antibiotics to grow larger and faster artificially, another of the differences in farm grown salmon compared to wild salmon.

xtend premium women vitaminsFinally, the fish meal and fish oils fed to these farmed fish contain PCB’s. The feed is designed to have high amounts of fish oil and is made up mostly of ground-up small fish.

PCB’s are known to be concentrated in oils and fat and tests of farmed-salmon feed have consistently found contamination of PCB’s.

PCB’s are an industrial byproduct which have been identified as a probable human carcinogen.

A report from the Environmental Working Group describes that the PCB levels found in farmed salmon samples it purchased at retail were far higher than any other protein source – and regular consumption of PCBs can have consequences on your health.

It is clear that on every measure, the purity of the all natural, Alaska wild caught sockeye salmon simply cannot be matched. Wild Pacific salmon should be THE choice for your and your family!

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What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause

What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause book.

More than any other menopause book, Dr. Lee’s research, family practice experience and personal observations resulted in his authoring this best-seller book on menopause health that has improved the health of countless women.

What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause consists of hundreds of pages that cover the natural approach to women’s hormone health and the benefits of using natural or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

what your doctor may not tell youWhat Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause: The Breakthrough Book on Natural Hormone Balance

From endometriosis, weight gain, decreased sex drive and heart disease to PMS, osteoporosis and fibrosistic breasts – Dr. Lee explains with certain clarity what a woman can do to deal safely with aging and hormone replacement therapy.

What are the problems associated with the prescription drugs such a Premarin, Provera and other synthetic drugs promising to eliminate symptoms of menopause and premenopause?

Why are most physicians not schooled in the use of natural hormone replacement therapy?

The women’s health issues that Dr. John R. Lee covers extensively include – exactly…

• What is hormone imbalance,
• How does it happen to women in industrialized countries,
• What are the often serious health consequences for a woman if hormone imbalance is not corrected,
• The problems and HRT side effects of synthetic prescription drugs,
• Sources of natural hormone replacement therapy and much, much more.

What does Dr. Jesse Hanley say about the What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Menopause book?

Dr. Hanley writes – “Natural progesterone supplementation has been an important addition to my medical practice. It is a strategic part of my natural treatment of PMS, menopause symptoms, osteoporosis, fibrosistic breasts, endometriosis and more.Natural progesterone cream

I no longer have any use for the synthetic Provera and the other progestins that cause many unnecessary side effects. I am grateful to discover that natural progesterone supplementation helps to safely restore healthy hormone balance in women.”

And women gratefully agree!

A woman writes to Dr. Lee – ‘After 10 years on Premarin and Provera, I stopped synthetic hormones and tried natural progesterone supplementation. My symptoms were less the first month, even less the second month and the third month was a breeze’!

The book describes page by page what can work for you today. You will learn how to talk with your doctor if he/she is not trained in natural hormone replacement therapy, plus what the politics and money is about when it comes to women and health.

Any man and woman today should better understand how toxins at home and in the environment, nutrition, exercise and hormones all affect our health.

Much of what you will learn from Dr. Lee will challenge what you will hear and see in the media every day. As you gain knowledge about your health, you will be better informed so you can be part of creating the health program that will work best for you.

Check out this menopause book today – is is literally a health book that can change your life forever and for the better!

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